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Founded in 2018. Broslyn Capital is a stronghold actively supporting projects leveraging blockchain technology to cause growth in industries such as finance, supply chain, advertising, entertainment and so on. The blockchain technology sector is experiencing rapid growth in the North America region and more or less globally, hence we're positioned to aiding adoption by creating a bridge between blockchain tech and institutional worlds.

Be Connected

We maintain and capitalize on our relationships with existing businesses/projects for prompt and informed investment management.

Be Invested

Target high-quality digital assets with prospect of scaling and keen eye for long-term trends in the global market.

Be Diversified

Investing in a wide array of digital assets to generate a diverse revenue stream.

Be Disciplined

We apply the use of strategic risk management framework to develop institutional ability to support unique challenges.

Our Strength strength

We provide investors with the full spectrum of exposure to the blockchain space, ranging from illiquid assets (including pre-sale tokens and multi-stage venture capital equity) to more liquid assets like bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Our portfolio businesses also benefit from our network of industry experts, thus making it easier for projects to scale and maintain sustainable growth in the blockchain space.

Experienced Team
Our core team members comprises of veterans across both traditional financial industries and blockchain sector are working towards creating a bridge between crypto and the institutional sector.
Technical Expertise
Our knowledge about the blockchain industry as well as other technologies is paramount exploring the endless opportunities in the space.
Our network comprises of investors from Family offices, wealth management firms, HNWIs, and investment banks. We're also well connected with industry giants of the blockchain ecosystem.

Business Lines Business

Asset Management

The team has deep institutional experience managing third party capital across traditional and alternative asset classes, strong relationships with institutional service providers and counterparties, and exceptional connectivity throughout the blockchain and digital assets ecosystem. Providing diversified services including Quant trade, Hedge transactions, Assets Management and Investment Consultation to hedge against the risk of market fluctuations and achieve the long-term steady growth of assets.

Early Stage Fund

This is our discretionary vehicle offering our investors access to presale tokens with liquidity periods of 12 - 36 months. The Fund invests in teams building new protocols in the blockchain ecosystem and follows an early-stage, venture-style model.

Liquid Token Fund

A multi-strategy instrument that typically invests in 15-20 liquid tokens at any point in time, securing special discount rates. The fund is predominantly driven by a discretionary strategy focused on decentralized finance, protocols, NFTs and Gaming.

Over $180m in AUM, invested in 28 projects & joint ventured with VCs, HedgeFunds & Family Offices.


Thomas Simard
Managing Partner/Founder

Thomas founded Broslyn Capital in 2018 and also serves as the managing partner of Broslyn Capital. With over 20 years of business and asset management experience in the Financial services sector. Thomas graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. in International Relations and went further to acquire an MBA from Xavier School of Management.

Nora Johnson
Director, Investor Relations

Nora Johnson serves as the Director of Investor Relations at Broslyn Capital. Previously, Nora managed the west coast prime brokerage and capital introduction business for Barclays Bank and was part of Citibank's capital markets sales and trading team. She holds a bachelor's degree in Managerial Economics from University of Toronto.

Ethan Belanger
Head of Portfolio Management

Ethan acts as Broslyn's Head of Portfolio Management focused on supporting and accelerating the firm’s portfolio companies. Ethan's previous experience includes corporate strategy and development at J.P. Morgan, early-stage investing at Brimstone Digital. Ethan graduated from British Columbia University, with a B.S in Business administration.

Theo Bergeron
Chief Investment Officer

Theo is the Chief Investment Officer at Broslyn Capital, he's focused on the investment strategies of the firm. He was previously Vice President and Blockchain / Crypto Strategy Lead at J.P. Morgan in 2017. He graduated from the University of Toronto with a B.S in International Relations and further went on to acquire an MBA from the same institution.

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